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The Temple of Baboon. by Knife & Packer

The Temple of Baboon. by Knife & Packer

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This is the sixth adventure about Fleabag Monkeyface and his gross-loving friends. Fleabag Monkeyface turns gross-eologist when the Golden Toilet of Baboon is stolen from the ancient city of Smell Dorado in this Indiana Jones-style caper. Greedy gross-antique collector Baron Von Dirtoffen has been searching the world for valuable artefacts for his Travelling Museum of Gross and the Golden Toilet will be his prize exhibit. However, the theft has unleashed an ancient curse and if the Toilet isn't returned by the next solar eclipse - in two days time! - a host of zombie monkeys will appear and destroy the world. Only Fleabag and his friends, Gerald and Gene, can save the Earth from an onslaught of zombie monkeys! hazardous material! Indiana Jones meets Gross-Out in the sixth in "The Disgusting Adventures of Fleabag Monkeyface" series. Cartoon capers and laugh-out-loud grosstastic humour give this series real boy appeal.

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