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The Baby Boy Bible

The Baby Boy Bible

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These engaging and colorful Bibles are thoughtful gifts for newborns, christenings, or a child's first birthday.

Choose from three handsome Bibles--Baby Girl Bible, Baby Boy Bible, or Baby Bible, in pink, blue, or yellow cover accents. The Girl and Boy Bibles are further enhanced with padded covers, foil lettering on the title, and silver gilt edging on the pages.

All three books include the same 20 Bible stories, from Creation to the Resurrection, retold by Sarah Toulmin in baby-friendly language and concepts. They are vividly illustrated by Kristina Stephenson. A selection of nine stories from the Old Testament and 11 from the New together introduce young children to God's overwhelming love for the world.

These Bibles are perfect for reading aloud or for sitting quietly and looking at the lively illustrations. These are meaningful and lovely books, sure to become treasured favorites.

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