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Baby Book Swop



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Are the changes 13 year old Jude's going through just down to puberty - or could his father's drunken tales of his superhero alter-ego actually be true? Like his mates, Jude knows that at any time he'll have good reason to shave, his voice will drop a couple of notches and something very big will be occurring in his boxers. But Jude is more anxious than most, for, though his growing pains could well be down to puberty, a few startling developments seem to prove his old man right - that Jude really is the son of a superhero. But his dad has disappeared, leaving his mum to cope alone with him and his kid brother, Sam. Jude escapes by spending his time with 'the collective' - skateboarders and graffiti taggers who hang out on his estate: his best mate Marvin, lust object Kat, Crash, Spinner and Tiny Ti. The soundtrack to their lives is the music they hear from the pirate radio station on top of their block. So when their hang-out is threatened by developers, Jude prays his powers really ARE out of the ordinary...

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