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My Dad

My Dad

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He's all right, my dad. He's as strong as a gorilla and as happy as a hippopotamus. He's a great dancer, a brilliant singer, he's fantastic at football and he makes me laugh. But that's not all that's great about my dad...

If you are looking for a book that inspires, tugs at the heart strings without overwhelming sentimentality, is packed with subtle humour and perfectly captures the way children look fondly on their dads then look no further than the first-rate My Dad by the equally superb Anthony Browne.

This warm, hilarious and utterly delightful tribute to dads everywhere is cleverly executed by Browne, whose own inimitable style rarely fails to please, and is sure to become an absolute classic. An almost perfect picture book, with bold, simple text accompanying the even bolder illustrations, My Dad is a must for kids, and makes the ideal gift for beloved fathers everywhere, however young or old they may be. Age 3 and over. --Susan Harrison

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