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How to Ride: A Complete Professional Riding Course

How to Ride: A Complete Professional Riding Course

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This is a complete professional riding course - from getting started to achieving excellence. Riding horses is an age-old pleasure but one that can't be taken lightly. People who want to take up this wonderfully satisfying sport, and those who wish to improve their skill, will find this comprehensive and responsible book to riding styles and skills both inspiring and informative, with over 650 stunning photographs and authoritative advice for beginner and expert alike. Basic Riding Techniques tells you what you need to know to get started, section two goes into slightly more advanced skills, such as how to achieve bend and flexion. Introduction to Jumping explores the principles of rhythm and balance; The World of the Horse is a fascinating introduction to the world of competition and international horse shows; and, Equestrian Events examines the exciting world open to people who ride for sport and pleasure. This title shows how to ride: achieving and improving your style, skill and techniques for sport, show or pleasure. This is a practical guide to basic and more advanced techniques, described in detail and illustrated with stunning photography. It provides key information to help you decide which horse, which style and which event are right for you. This is the most thorough and detailed guide to riding and riding events you'll ever need. It features over 650 colour photographs by Kit Houghton, including step by step instructional sequences throughout.

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