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Hold on Tight (Hannah Montana)

Hold on Tight (Hannah Montana)

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When Miley gets paired with Oliver to do a scene from Romeo and Juliet in drama class, she's afraid that they'll both get a big, fat F! After all, Oliver is better known for his slightly odd, sometimes even embarrassing, behaviour than he is for his acting ability. Plus, he's not exactly a natural when it comes to Shakespeare!

But soon, Miley has a lot more to worry about than Oliver. When Hannah Montana is asked to sing the national anthem at an L. A. Lakers game, she suddenly forgets the words! Miley is mortified. Will Hannah's fans stand behind her? Or is she doomed to fail every time she's in the spotlight?

Do you secretly dream of being a singing sensation, just like Hannah Montana? Well you can get some way-cool hints from the Popstar Guide inside!
Featuring top tips, fun facts and cool quizzes - this exclusive mini-book should not be missed!

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