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First Foods and Weaning

First Foods and Weaning

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First Foods answers all your questions about weaning your baby and how to provide a good variety of the right foods. Written by a qualified nutritionist and mother of two, it includes a wide range of simple recipes as well as time-saving tips and ways to prevent fussy eating. This handy guide is a fully revised and updated edition of First Foods (1998) and covers everything a new parent needs to know: / The importance of diet and what is nutritious and most likeable for your baby -- what is good for adults is not necessarily good for babies / While this book is not about weaning, it actively encourages mothers to continue giving breast or formula milk to their babies together with solids / How to know when your baby is ready to move to solids / Vegetarian babies and those with special dietary needs / Tips on food safety and basic hygiene / Tips from other parents / At a glance weaning calendar and basic recipes.

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