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Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg

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This is the untold story of Never Land fairies Tinker Bell, Prilla and the magical Mother Dove and their quest to save the island.

When baby Sara Quirtle laughed for the first time, that laugh flew all the way to Neverland and became Prilla, the first Never Fairy to be born without a Talent. Tinker Bell, a pots and pans Talent fairy, reluctantly takes the newcomer under her wing and shows her around Fairy Haven, their home.

Soon, Neverland is struck by a terrible hurricane and Prilla, Tink and the rest of the fairies must rally round to save Mother Dove, whose feathers provide their magical fairy dust and egg is the source of all of Neverland’s magic.

Three unlikely fairy heroes, Prilla, Rani and the wicked Vidia, must go on a quest to collect three treasures and convince Kyto, an evil dragon, to restore the egg before Mother Dove dies and Neverland’s magic is lost.

Time is of the essence, Peter Pan is losing his baby teeth and there is only three-days worth of fairy dust on the whole island. Can Prilla work out what her Talent is before it is too late for Mother Dove, the fairies and the whole of Neverland?

A beautiful hardback treasury edition of this instant classic with foiled cover and a ‘fairy charm’ bookmark. Gail Carson Levine’s spellbinding storytelling is accompanied with enchanting illustrations from David Christiana.

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