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Disney Magical Story: Rapunzel

Disney Magical Story: Rapunzel

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The book of the fantasy film! Princess Rapunzel has spent her entire life locked away in a tower. Can a roguish bandit let her out – and offer her true love? Born with magical hair that can restore youth, poor Rapunzel was kidnapped as a baby by greedy Mother Gothel, and has been locked up ever since. She knows nothing of the world outside, but has been taught to fear it – until she sees the magical spectacle of the kingdom’s festival of lights. All of a sudden, Rapunzel longs to break free, and see the light festival for herself. And when a roguish thief breaks into her tower with the stolen crown jewels, she realises that this is her chance. If Flynn can break into her tower, he can break her out of there! But what will happen when she starts to fall in love with him?

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