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Demon Thief

Demon Thief

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A hellish nightmare for only the bravest of readers! Darren Shan's horrifying new series, The Demonata, continues with Demon Thief -- now available in a spine-chilling paperback with grisly glow-in-the-dark cover! "A huge, jagged patch of light forms at the foot of my bed. Then a shape presses through. I'm too horrified to scream. It's a monster from my very worst nightmare. Pale red skin. Dark red eyes. No nose. Sharp, grey teeth. As it leans further forward I see a hole in the left side of its chest, and inside -- dozens of tiny, hissing snakes. The monster frowns and stretches a hand towards me!" When Kernel Fleck's brother is stolen by demons, he must enter their universe in search of him. It is a place of magic, chaos and incredible danger. Kernel has three / learn to use magic, / find his brother, / stay alive. But a heartless demon awaits him, and death has been foretold!

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