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Creeper Files: Incy, Wincy Eek!

Creeper Files: Incy, Wincy Eek!

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The situation is grave. Strange things are happening in the chuchyard . . . and I don't mean the weird cat who never seems to blink. There's a scuttling sound and a huge cobwebby plant - oh, and not to mention the hideous half-man-half-plant monster who is out for revenge. And as we all know, revenge comes in all shapes and sizes - including enormous and eight-legged! Maybe reading the Creeper Files will keep you safe. Maybe it'll keep you alive. Maybe - just maybe - this story wiill help ensure you won't become a victim of the monster known only as . . . The Creeper. Fun, accessible fiction, ideal for readers who want action-packed excitement, humour, and horror. Goosebumps for a new generation!

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