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Vampire Plagues: London

Vampire Plagues: London
Vampire Plagues: London
The year is 1850, and twelve-year-old Jack Harkett has always lived on his own on the London docks, picking pockets in order to survive. He has no memories of a home or a family. One dark night, a ship sails into port. Jack hopes to steal some money from the rich passengers. But this ship is nearly deserted, and a swarm of bats emerges from it and flies off into the night. The only living human is a young boy named Benedict Cole. Ben is around Jack's age, but from a wealthy family. Ben has just returned from Mexico, where he had gone with his father, an anthropologist, on an expedition in the jungle to study Mayan ruins. But the expedition went horribly wrong when its leader, Sir Donald Finlay, was possessed by the Mayan vampire bat god, Camazotz. Now Sir Donald has returned to England with Camazotz's army of vampire bats, and unleashed them upon unsuspecting London. Jack, Ben, and Ben's older sister Emily, decide they are the only ones who can stop the vampires, and set out to do so against the odds.

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