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Key Stage 1

Model: 9780744568738
There are four levels in this series, each consisting of six books and offering a variety of reading experiences: stories, poems, rhymes and songs, tales and information books, created by top authors and illustrators...
Model: 9781405478717
365 stories for boys - a new story every day of the year..
Model: 9781407513874
An illustrated story or rhyme for every day of the year Brand new collection with fresh illustrations and stories for the 21st-century child Attractive padded format...
Model: 9781406309102
A charming story perfect for Valentine's Day about a young girl who desperately wants to learn how to dance. Ruby's class will be performing in the school Valentine's Day concert on Friday, but there's just one problem - Ruby can't dance. Try as she might, she just can't make herself lighter than..
Model: 9781573755276
A children's book where a house is built for everyone!..
Model: 9780721413457
As revenge for playing a trick on him, Captain Foul captures pirate Anne and holds her prisoner on board the Barracuda, somewhere off Shark Island. Will comes up with a plan and sets off with Jimbo and Spinoza to rescue Anne but they come back with more than they bargained for! ..
Model: 9780007865222
It seems like just another ordinary night to Albie until he wakes to find… penguins stealing the furniture, moose tangoing in the toilet and zebras asleep in the kitchen cupboard.But who has left a trail of baked beans?..
Model: 9780956966414
Alfie mouse lives underneath the boxing ring of a famous boxing gym in Bethnal Green London. It was one of the most prestigious gyms in England . Many famous boxers had trained there before becoming celebrities. A book suitable for most children. There is a quiz at the back for children to complete ..
Model: 9780721416540
Ladybird Classic hardback version of the well loved tale ..
Model: 9780307200136
Anastasia Romanov, a Russian princess, lives in an enchanted world of elegant palaces and grand parties. But all this changes during the revolution. Poor Anastasia is left an orphan, with no clue as to her origins other than the necklace and mysterious key she has always worn around her neck...
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