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The Witch of Lagg

The Witch of Lagg
The Witch of Lagg
Ann Pilling manages to combine fascinating historical detail with mysterious and compelling ghost stories, and THE WITCH OF LAGG is no exception. Here reissued with a stunning new cover by David Wyatt, in a new B format, it will attract a whole new wave of fans. Ever since Ann Pilling's debut novel, BLACK HARVEST, now a Collins Modern Classic, she has built her reputation into one of our best-loved and most talented contemporary writers for children. She won the Guardian Fiction Award for HENRY'S LEG. These two reissues, THE BEGGAR'S CURSE and THE WITCH OF LAGG, follow the same children who appear in BLACK HARVEST - Colin, Prill and Oliver. Here they are staying in Laggs Castle, a truly creepy place, and as they begin to explore the old house and the dark woods surrounding it, they find themselves becoming the victims of some evil force... Could it be some kind of vampire? Surely only something really terribly could make a loaf of bread taste of bones and blood... Ann Pilling has managed, yet again, to create a mysterious, compelling and gripping tale.

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