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The Soddit: Or, Let's Cash in Again

The Soddit: Or, Let's Cash in Again
The Soddit: Or, Let's Cash in Again
In the grand tradition of the blockbusting parody Bored of the Ring, comes this uproarious literary spoof of Tolkien's other (much shorter) masterwork, The Hobbit. It has already sold 80,000 copies in hardcover-and is still going strong. Tolkien was never this funny-and that's why we need this delicious parody. It follows the adventures of Bingo "Sac" Grabbings, a rather unremarkable Soddit of Upper Middle Earth. He ventures forth (despite very sore and swollen feet indeed!) alongside Gandef the Coughing Wizard and a band of psoriasis-scratching, who-knows-what's-in-the-pipe-puffing dwarves, as they set out to relieve the haughty dragon Smug of his ill-gotten gold. With the blockbuster box office success of the Lord of the Rings films, and the continued interest in the original books, the time is ripe for someone to poke a bit of good-natured fun at the phenomenon that is The Hobbit, and this hilarious satire succeeds brilliantly. Written by an acknowledged expert on all things Tolkien, it both salutes and skewers the classic novel, reinventing the tale of a courageous little being whose amazing persistence-and more than a bit of Soddit luck-belies his diminutive stature.

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