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The Goffins Go Batty

The Goffins Go Batty
The Goffins Go Batty
With George beginning to feel at home living at GrandmaÂ's house, his thoughts turn to having a pet. Lofty and Eave – the Goffins who live secretly in GrandmaÂ's attic – discover a lost puppy living in the garden and, with George, set upon hilarious ways to make it their pet. But how can George convince his parents heÂ's able to look after a puppy? With the help of the Goffins and an injured bat called Gable, George discovers what goes into looking after a pet, and how a puppy can bring everyone together. Book Description The third hilarious and heartwarming book about George's adventures with the Goffins sees George, Lofty and Eave desperate for a pet as they go batty for bats ... and dogs ... and goldfish... From the Back Cover How can George convince Mum and Dad to let him have a puppy? With a little help from Lofty and Eave and a baby bat called Gable, George and the Goffins go batty trying to get their puppy. Is there a Goffin in your attic?

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