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Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies
Secrets and Lies
This is the ninth book in the Step-Chain series. Other titles include: One Mum Too Many, You Can't Fancy Your Stepsister, She's No Angel, Too Good To Be True and Get Me Out Of Here, Parents Behaving Badly, Don't Tell Mum and Losing My Identity. When Katie finds a photo tucked away in her big brother Matt's bedroom drawer, she's intrigued. Who are the people in the picture? Why does the young girl seem so familiar? And why is Matt so cross with her when she asks him about it? The truth is mind-blowing. Katie has an older half-brother, Chris - the son of Martin, her estranged dad, and his first wife. The girl is Chris's daughter and therefore, Katie's niece! Katie really wants to meet her new-found family, but her mum refuses to have anything to do with Martin or anyone associated with him. She would be devastated if she found out that Matt and Katie were seeing Chris behind her back. Things get even more complicated when Matt asks Chris to be best man at his wedding. The web of lies is getting ever more tangled, the secret too big! Katie has to decide whether to live with the deceit, or to tell her mum the truth and live with the consequences... 

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