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Rotten Luck! (Knightmare)

Rotten Luck! (Knightmare)
Rotten Luck! (Knightmare)


Cedric Thatchbottom can't wait to train as a squire, serving Sir Percival the Proud - a knight famed throughout the land for his glorious deeds. But this famous knight isn't all he appears to be, and Cedric soon finds himself being run ragged around Castle Bombast by his new master. In Book 4 of the Knightmare series, a notorious outlaw is terrifying the locals and the king has ordered Sir Percy to track him down. Cedric and his master head off into the depths of Grimwood in search of the Ghost and his gang. But there are more than just robbers lurking in the fearsome forest... Yikes! A hilarious series from Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning author, Peter Bently. Great for fans of Horrible Histories and Sir Gadabout.

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