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Molly Moon Stops the World

Molly Moon Stops the World
Molly Moon Stops the World
Molly Moon, the funny-looking orphan who once took Broadway by storm, has vowed never to use her amazing hypnotic powers again. But when she learns that a megalomaniac master hypnotist called Primo Cell is controlling the minds of famous movie stars, she has to intervene. Arriving in Hollywood, Molly, Rocky and Petula the pug get to work. While Petula is being pampered at a beauty parlour for glamorous pooches, Molly and Rocky prepare to gatecrash the Oscars. At Primo's famous Oscar-night party they find that their enemy is far more dangerous and powerful than they suspected. Primo thinks it will be a breeze to control the minds of two kids, but he doesn't know that Molly has discovered an extraordinary new ability. Her hypnotic eyes can actually stop time itself... Georgia Byng's first novel, MOLLY MOON'S INCREDIBLE BOOK OF HYPNOTISM, was an instant success when it was published in 2002. A feature film is in development, and it has been sold in 31 languages. 

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