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Laura's Star (Book and CD)

Laura's Star (Book and CD)
Laura's Star (Book and CD)
Laura's wish for a special friend is answered one night when a bright, sparkling star falls to the ground outside her bedroom window. She repairs the broken star and tells it all of her secrets as she drifts off to sleep. The next morning Laura cannot find the star anywhere. Was the wonderful little star only a dream? That night she trudges back to her bedroom, opens the door and the star was back just where she'd left it, shining like a thousand diamonds. While Laura is happy to have her friend back, she realizes she must find a way to return her new friend to the sky for the star to continue to shine brightly and listen to her secrets. Laura's simple, unselfish solution to the little star's dilemma is heartwarming and indicative of something only a true friend would do. Children and adults will love this beautifully illustrated tale and its timeless, uncomplicated message. Imagine having a real star from the sky for a special friend. One night Laura spots a streak of silver shooting past her window and discovers a sparkly star nearby. She has always wanted someone to share her secrets with, and so she takes the little star home and makes it her friend. But when she wakes up the next morning, Laura discovers that the little star has disappeared. She searches everywhere, but it's no use. Was her special friend just a dream? In this magical story marked by endearing watercolors, a lonesome girl learns that friendship sometimes means giving away the brightest treasures.

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