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School Fundraising

We’ve spent this afternoon at a local primary school who wanted help to secure additional funding. They found there was a very poor response to forms sent home to request additional information which might secure additional funding for the school. The school offered each child who returned their form a free book and asked for our assistance. Children were given two weeks to return their forms and this afternoon, we took along a pop up shop with a huge selection of new, popular books. Each child who had returned their form was allowed to visit our shop and choose any book free of charge and at the end of the day, we have submitted an invoice to the school and the cost of each book is a fraction of the RRP. The school will hopduelly be able to secure far more funding than the value of the invoice for the books.

If you’re interested in having our pop up shop attend your school, please get in touch.



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Leeds Winter Market with Real Snow

It has been a busy month for Baby Book Swop in the run up to Christmas. One of these events that we have been looking forward to is the Leed’s Winter Market.

The market was held inside Leed’s Town Hall. Meanwhile, just outside the town hall was the German Christmas Market, creating a festive atmosphere. The Christmas theme continued into the ground floor of the town hall, which hosted a story themed santa experience. Although, this nearly didn’t happen.

The weather forecast, for days running up to the event, showed heavy snow before, during and after the event.

The organisers did issue a warning that it may be cancelled due to the snow and ice warnings issued, which is completely understandable. As the event drew closer, the heavy snow was downgraded and the event organisers said that the event would go ahead. We glad it did.

We had booked two tables at the event and knowing this, we had a lot of stock to move. We set off early Saturday morning, to ensure we could get unloaded, parked and setup for the 11.00am opening time.

We knew we would be located in the vintage handmade children’s section, surrounded by Boho Baba, Sewn by Sarah and Lambsie. Some wonderfully creative people producing great products for children.

The event went amazingly well for us, the best of the year! We sold many books under our 3 for £5 offer.

After the event, we had no trouble making our journey back to Derbyshire, as all though it had been snowing all day, it had not been enough to cause disruption to our journey.

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Are Books Still Relevant for Children?

As you are probably already aware, we created Baby Book Shop to bring affordable books to parents. This was after seeing the benefits that we got from reading books to our own children from a very early age, hence the name.

We think there is a place for all kinds of media, but do children miss out by not interacting with books? We believe they do miss out, but you only have to Google the topic, to have a wide variety of references, to know the complexity of the issue. So what are kids getting from the experience?

Handling a book and reading is a completely different experience with a physical book, and it is a media that will be something your child will encounter in the life. There are plenty of companies that are doing rather well from selling books, and there is a reason for this. We think it brings a certain quality and interaction, which you can only get from paper media, rather than that of a tablet or phone. Tablets and phones do play a role, whether it be interactive games or watching their favourite shows on Amazon Prime Video, but there is nothing better than seeing your child run to the toy box, pull out a book and bring it back to you, without asking. They sit and want you to tell the story and add your own animations and voices to the characters.

Take a look at our shop’s 3 for £5 deals and find out the joy that books bring… alongside the tech. 3 for £5

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Heist Craft Christmas Market | 19th Century School House

It’s December and we went to another Christmas Market. This one though was at Heist Craft in Clowne, Derbyshire.

Heist Craft is known as a bar and bottleshop and owners specialise in working solely with UK craft brewers to assist in getting a brand recognised, through to the export and sale of their products overseas. Set in an old 19th century school house that has been renovated into a very unique and wonderful location, clearly this was not any usual Christmas market.

A steady flow of sales throughout the day and engaging with lots of potential new customers inside this wonderful place, with its warm and inviting organisers certainly made a great day for Baby Book Swop.

We hope to come back next year.

Heist Craft - Bar and Bottleshop - Christmas Market
Heist Craft – Bar and Bottleshop – Christmas Market
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Upcoming Events

We’ve got lots happening between now and Christmas and even more still to be confirmed!

Sunday 29th October – Sarah Mann Photography Photo Shoot – Spaces Available

Saturday & Sunday 4/5 November – National Pet Show NEC

Sunday 19th November – Chesterfield Christmas Light Switch on

Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th November – MAGNA’s 2017 Christmas Family Fayre (Magna Sheffield)

Wednesday 6th December – Stavely Christmas Light Switch On

Sunday 10th December – Leeds Winter Market 

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New Website

Hi Everyone


Thanks for checking out our updated website. As with all new things, we expect to have some teething problems so if you find any problems, please let us know and we’ll work to solve them as soon as possible.