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Katie's Beasties: Creepie-Crawlies for Wee Folk

Katie's Beasties: Creepie-Crawlies for Wee Folk
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Katie's Beasties: Creepie-Crawlies for Wee Folk
Katie's bonnie Bumbee bizzes roon a flooer, Katie's strippit Clocker looks awfie dour. Katie's siller Slaters bide ablow a stane, Katie's Jecky Forty-Feet steys oot in the rain. Katie's Beasties is the fourth publication in the best-selling Katie series. This time award-winning illustrator Karen Sutherland turns her attention to Scotland's bugs and creepie-crawlies. The ever-inquisitive Katie gets a close-up view of Reidcoats, Hairy Oobits, Horniegolachs, Jenny Lang-Legs, Clegs, Midgies, Ettercaps and many more. The illustrations, as ever, are bright, cheerful and funny, and the accompanying rhymes will help children and adults alike identify a range of creepin, fleein, crowlin wee beasties. In a slightly different format from the previous books, Katie's Beasties is packed with fun as well as being informative. It will make a superb gift item and will appeal right across the age range, from 3 to 93.

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