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The Tail of Reepicheep

The Tail of Reepicheep
The Tail of Reepicheep
The Narnians are under attack and one ally is bravest of all: Reepicheep ... a mouse! This illustrated picture book is a beautiful accompaniment for younger readers to the new film in The Chronicles of Narnia series: Prince Caspian. The land of Narnia is a world filled with amazing creatures. Narnia was once peaceful, but now people called Telmarines have invaded and the evil Miraz is King. Miraz does not want true Narnians in Narnia anymore. For safety, the Narnians hide in the forest. Legends are told of four children named Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie. They came to Narnia long ago and the Creator of Narnia, the Great Lion Aslan, crowned them Kings and Queens. They ruled in peace until one day they disappeared. Not everyone believes these stories. Not everyone believes in Aslan. But some do, including a small but valiant mouse. His name is Reepicheep.

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