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Judy Moody Gets Famous!

Judy Moody Gets Famous!
Judy Moody Gets Famous!
Judy Moody Gets Famous! (Judy Moody Series #2) by Megan McDonald Judy Moody's in a jealous mood. Jealous of Jessica Finch, that is, who wins the spelling bee and gets her picture on the front page of the newspaper. But once Judy sets her mind on fame, there's no stopping her... Editorial Reviews Judy Moody is well known for her legendary disposition, be it angry, annoyed, ecstatic, or just frustrated. This feisty third-grader is back, and this time, envy is her mood of choice. After Spelling Queen Bee Jessica Finch gets her picture in the paper, Judy feels the need to capture her 15 minutes of fame. But how can she compete? Lacking a pile of blue ribbons or certificates, Judy must conjure up a new way to be a star. Judy attempts a variety of schemes to thrust herself into the spotlight. When a faux famous cherry pit, displayed as George Washington's very own, is eaten by a hungry youngster, her plans are foiled. She then enters a pet tricks contest in the hope that her beloved cat, Mouse, will secure her stardom. When she does win second place, her photo in the paper reveals only her elbow. Frustrated, she eventually decides that breaking the world record for the human centipede is where glory lies. But instead of breaking the record -- she breaks her friend's finger. While at the hospital, she befriends a young girl who just had heart surgery. When the little one complains that the hospital dolls are not up to par (most are limbless and have no hair) Judy sneaks them home for some makeovers. The result? A doll hospital, which she secretly sends back to the hospital, especially for her new friend. Little does Judy know that fame comes in all sorts of packages.... 

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