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Indie Kidd Bk 1: How To Be Good

Indie Kidd Bk 1: How To Be Good
Indie Kidd Bk 1: How To Be Good

Upbeat, funny and quirky, this is the first in a series about ten-year-old Indie Kidd. Indie Kidd lives between her animal-crazy mum's and her dad's. When Indie's teacher asks the class to write a CV, Indie decides she has no specific "talents", and decides to search for one she can call her own. While she is trying everything from hair-wraps to magic tricks to origami, she sees an advert in the local paper for a little dog who needs a home. Indie decides to help and makes him a CV, a poster and even arranges a trial stay with a neighbour - to no avail. Eventually, Indie realizes she wants the dog to stay with her, and that she does have a talent after all - for doing good! (Although there have been a few scrapes, so maybe just good-ish!) Major new series from the author of the highly successful Ally's World books. Major PR and publicity campaign. 


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