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Model: 9780007222117
Sound the Cosmic Horn! Georgia Nicolson's bestselling 8th book of confessions is now available in paperback! The original Sex God has re-landed, Masimo the Italian Stallion wants to be her boyfriend, and Dave the Laugh is still a regular snoggee. How will Georgia cope juggling all three boys of h..
Model: 9780744568738
There are four levels in this series, each consisting of six books and offering a variety of reading experiences: stories, poems, rhymes and songs, tales and information books, created by top authors and illustrators...
Model: 9781782947738
This CGP 10-Minute Test book is perfect for helping pupils aged 8-9 prepare for the Maths element of the CEM 11+ test. It contains over 30 bite-sized tests, each one covering a variety of important Maths skills. You can find complete answers for every question in a pull-out section at the back of th..
Model: 9781782947646
This CGP 10-Minute Test book is the perfect way to prepare for the CEM 11+. It's split up into more than thirty short tests, each containing a wide range of realistic CEM-style practice to help pupils master all the essential NVR skills. Lively puzzle pages throughout the book test NVR skills in a m..
Model: 9780439983457
100 Cross-curricular Maths Lessons is a series of exciting new maths lesson ideas and supporting photocopiable pages that will help you to add variety to your maths teaching and demonstrate to your class the value and relevance of mathematics throughout the school curriculum and everyday life. Each ..
Model: 9780439016988
The 100 lesson plans with supporting resources and worksheets provide a flexible framework on which to build a whole year of maths for year 6 pupils structured to fit in with the National Numeracy Strategy. This book offers advice on managing the lessons and the planning needed. ..
Model: 9780862417765
Scoular's lively text and hilarious illustrations bring to life Scotland's turbulent and fascinating past. Clear and accessible, this is a must for anyone who wants the history of Scotland with a twist...
Model: 9781845100490
Important concepts such as shapes, colors, first words and counting are given a magnetic makeover in this great new series. Each title includes a set of interactive magnetic components stored in a compartment attached to the book...
Model: 9781789052862
BRAND NEW COPY       Follow the night-time ninja as he tries to avoid bedtime, then join forces with the Cake Snatcher and Cupcake Kid on their secret mission. With two super tales inside, there's so much adventure to discover...
Model: 9781402208522
In a time when brand-new names appear every day and classic names keep making comebacks, finding the perfect name for your baby can be a daunting task. 25,001 Best Baby Names comes to the aid of parents-to-be with the easiest to use, most convenient and most up-to-date book you can buy. ..
Model: 9781405478717
365 stories for boys - a new story every day of the year..
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