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Girls Got Game!

Girls Got Game!
Girls Got Game!
Pacific Coast Academy, an all-boys boarding school, will now be accepting female students for the very first time. Zoey Brooks decides to be one of the first girls to become a student there. Zoey and her friends break down the all-boy barriers at Pacific Coast Academy, and the changes come quicker than a b-ball slam dunk. But not everyone's happy with them...Read all about Zoey's first term at PCA in "Girls Got Game!", and in "Dramarama" find out about the boys at PCA (and how Zoey and her friends deal with all the attention!). In "Pranks for Nothing" discover what happens during Prank Week at Pacific Coast Academy when a certain prank goes wrong, and in "Beach Party" read all about PCA's end of year celebrations, and the beach party to end all beach parties.

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