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Baby On Board

Baby On Board
Baby On Board


A hilarious picture book to help prepare little ones for the arrival of a new baby and explain what's going on in mummy's tummy! From Kes Gray, author of the bestselling Oi Frog series. There's a baby growing inside Mum's tum. At one month it's just a blob, at three months it's as big as Mum's thumb and at four months it has teeny-tiny fingernails... Waiting for a new baby can be a confusing and worrying time for young children. Share this laugh-out-loud story to reassure your little one and involve them in all the excitement. Told from a young child's perspective, kids will love this funny count-down to the big day. Clearly divided into nine months, each month the pages in the book get bigger, as the baby gets bigger too!

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