As part of World Book Day, we worked with lots of schools with our 1 for 1 campaign (Baby Book Swop uses the Bookworms brand for its pop-up bookshops). Every book sold within the school = a book donated. In this campaign, the school sold 234 books and therefore we donated 234 books to the school.

What the school wanted?

Flanderwell wanted to get more of their pupils engaged with reading books. World Book Day was a perfect opportunity for this but what could they realistically offer children and parents? It needed to be affordable, easy to setup and benefit the school. We provided a pop-up bookshop option that allowed Flanderwell to run their own stall. Our 1 for 1 campaign during World Book Day allowed children and parents to buy books for only £2.50 and for every book sold the school gained a book for themselves.

How did we help? 

We dropped off a box with everything they needed; printed table cloth, box, displays, books and a picture of how the books should be laid out, in order to maximise sales. This is a very popular option for most schools.

The schools who use this method become a Bookworm for the event they are hosting. Once the event is over, then all they need to do is re-pack the box, along with any unsold books, ready for us to collect. There’s no risk to the school as unsold books are not paid for.