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28 Oct Where's Wally, Where's...
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We've already covered in our other blog post, the ultimate guide for reading to children on why involving children beyond the words can bring benefits to their development and enjoyment of a physical book. One of the classic books for encouraging involvement and interaction with a book is the Where's Wally series of books and others that followed suit.Did you know that Where's Wally is a British series of children's puzzle books created by English illustrator Martin Handford. The books consist o..
26 Oct The Ultimate Guide for Reading to Children
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It is never too early to start reading.We've seen some weird and wonderful actions by parents, but this one takes the biscuit. Imagine this situation, a mother and child walking past a book stall, the child asks to look at the books and the mother responds with " cannot read, why do you need to buy a book". If you don't know what is wrong with the statement then you really need to carry on reading this.There is more to a book than words and pictures. Humans communicate by actions and tone ..
26 Oct Involving Children When Reading
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This is a great guide to involve children when reading to them...
19 Oct New Look Website
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We've launched a new look website to make it easier to find new and used books. This website beings in some more modern features that are expected from today's customers. Enjoy!..
01 Oct How Routines Help Kids
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Preschoolers who sing, tell stories and eat dinner with their families tend to be emotionally healthier and better adjusted socially than kids who don’t have such routines...
14 Jun Reading Books to Children - Top Tips
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Reading books to children. Children benefit hugely from engaging with stories. These are our top tips for sharing books with babies and young children...
22 Apr Kelmarsh Country Show - Easter Weekend
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We participated in the Kelmarsh Country Show (Countryman Fairs) Easter weekend event 2019 and once again saw huge success at this great event. The weekend saw high temperatures that brought the crowds and not only allowed us to sell our books but allowed us to promote our Bookworms brand. Bookworms allows individuals and organisations e.g. schools, to sell books at events easily (see our blog post for Flanderwell Primary School).The show is set within the stunning grounds of Kelmarsh Hall in Nor..
12 Apr Flanderwell Primary School (Derbyshire) and Their Pop-up Book Shop
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As part of World Book Day, we worked with lots of schools with our 1 for 1 campaign (Baby Book Swop uses the Bookworms brand for its pop-up bookshops). Every book sold within the school = a book donated. In this campaign, the school sold 234 books and therefore we donated 234 books to the school.What the school wanted?Flanderwell wanted to get more of their pupils engaged with reading books. World Book Day was a perfect opportunity for this but what could they realistically offer children and pa..
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