Lissa's world has just turned upside down. Her father has been in jail and is coming home for Christmas. She can't bear the way her mother and sister are so happy and making welcome plans. After all, he was the one who let them all down and spoilt her life wasn't he? Before he went to jail they had a nice house, she had trendy clothes and anything pretty much that she wanted. Now it is 'Not so high and mighty now are you?' at school. Life gets better when new girl Diane arrives at school. She sympathises with Lissa, doesn't make fun of her dad, and tells Lissa to ignore the taunts at school. And Diane's parents have the big house that Lissa used to have so Lissa can at least play make-believe But Lissa doesn't realise that Diane is very manipulative. And she doesn't realise either how much her dad loves her. It is only when a combination of events come together that she has to face facts about who and what are important to her. Topical, pacy writing that has been proven to have many fans Editorial Reviews About the Author Catherine MacPhail won the Kathleen Fidler Award with her first novel, Run Zan Run, which Bloomsbury has re-issued, and the Scottish Arts Council Award with her second novel Fighting Back, also re-issued by Bloomsbury. Her other books for Bloomsbury include Dark Waters, Another Me and Missing. Catherine MacPhail's work is enormously popular with young teenagers, her trademarks being a mix of humour, with pacy and topical story-lines.

Bad Company

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