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Are Books Still Relevant for Children?

As you are probably already aware, we created Baby Book Shop to bring affordable books to parents. This was after seeing the benefits that we got from reading books to our own children from a very early age, hence the name.

We think there is a place for all kinds of media, but do children miss out by not interacting with books? We believe they do miss out, but you only have to Google the topic, to have a wide variety of references, to know the complexity of the issue. So what are kids getting from the experience?

Handling a book and reading is a completely different experience with a physical book, and it is a media that will be something your child will encounter in the life. There are plenty of companies that are doing rather well from selling books, and there is a reason for this. We think it brings a certain quality and interaction, which you can only get from paper media, rather than that of a tablet or phone. Tablets and phones do play a role, whether it be interactive games or watching their favourite shows on Amazon Prime Video, but there is nothing better than seeing your child run to the toy box, pull out a book and bring it back to you, without asking. They sit and want you to tell the story and add your own animations and voices to the characters.

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