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Heist Craft Christmas Market | 19th Century School House

It’s December and we went to another Christmas Market. This one though was at Heist Craft in Clowne, Derbyshire.

Heist Craft is known as a bar and bottleshop and owners specialise in working solely with UK craft brewers to assist in getting a brand recognised, through to the export and sale of their products overseas. Set in an old 19th century school house that has been renovated into a very unique and wonderful location, clearly this was not any usual Christmas market.

A steady flow of sales throughout the day and engaging with lots of potential new customers inside this wonderful place, with its warm and inviting organisers certainly made a great day for Baby Book Swop.

We hope to come back next year.

Heist Craft - Bar and Bottleshop - Christmas Market
Heist Craft – Bar and Bottleshop – Christmas Market
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